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'Amocan' Singapore Laksa Gravy

How to Prepare Laksa Steamboat

Use ‘Amocan’ Singapore Laksa Gravy as a soup base
for steamboat.

1. Heat the oil in wok or pan and fry suitable amount of ‘AMOCAN’ Singapore Laksa Gravy until fragrant.                    
2. Add water and bring to boil.    
3. Pour Laksa soup from wok into hot pot. 
Main Ingredients:
-Sliced Beef/ Salmon/ Other Meats
-Seafood (Abalone slices, fresh prawns, crab sticks)
-Vegetables (Cabbage, Golden Mushroom)
-Non-meats (Firm Toufu, White Radish, Corn, Tomato)
-Carbohydrates (Udon, Noodles, Tang Hoon, Fish Balls, Dumplings, Wantons, Yong Tau Foo Pieces)